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What we do

Your database requirements are unique, as is your position in the marketplace. Here is how we leverage your needs to a competitive advantage:


We at DataOne regularly advise our clients on practical approaches to difficult real-world data challenges. A custom database is not always the best solution for every organization. As consultants, not just developers, we dig deeply in order to truly understand your specific needs and identify, create and deploy the right solution to your unique situation. Whether the solution lies in a custom SQL application on a virtual cloud server or in a small off-the-shelf accounting package, we come to understand your current needs, your history, and where you want your future to be.


No database project just happens. DataOne carefully plans your project before any development takes place, collaborating with you on possible creative routes. The DataOne advantage is our focus on the user – we strive to assure that your project design is accessible, intuitive and functional. Opening a world of creative possibilities, we allow you to envision a path to success. With your ongoing participation, your database project takes form in a manner where you can see and comment on its direction at all times. This where your needs become reality.

Technical Stuff

For those of you who know what you are looking for, DataOne provides: The highest caliber of Microsoft Access development; data imports and exports; database integration with Word, Excel, and Outlook; conversion from Excel models to full Access/SQL applications, database upgrades from older Office versions, ongoing maintenance and administration, data cleansing, custom reporting, and many other data-related services.